2017 is here. That was FAST! Start the year off on the right foot by creating your own actionable, easy-to-follow plan for writing, publishing, marketing and selling more books.

Taking the time to set writing goals has amazing and profitable benefits. In addition to helping you gain clarity, you’ll also reap the following rewards.

1)  Do you want to write one book this year? Do you want to turn one book into a series this year? Do you want to write three books this year? You’ll identify the books you want to write and set goals for starting and completing them.

2)  There are a plethora of writing conferences author expos and writing groups you can attend. Search Eventbrite, Meetup and other online event sites for gatherings related to your book, genre and ideal reader. You’ll establish a calendar of the writing events that will allow you to learn, showcase your writing and meet fellow authors.

3)  Book fairs, restaurant openings, workshops, conferences, book launches (yours and other authors), library events – there are many places your book can be sold. From indie bookstores to mega-conventions, you’ll generate a list of ideal places to sell and/or sign books.

4)  Children’s book authors and pediatricians; cookbook authors and food bloggers; business marketing authors and business networking groups. Planning for 2017 will help you identify strategic partners who will help you promote and sell your books and their related products and services.

5)  Networking, social media, events, direct mail – what strategies will you use to market your books? Not all marketing strategies work for every author. A clear plan and appropriate research will help you identify the ones that will work best for your book.

Don’t see your goals listed above? Want more goal-setting help? Check out the Book Coach 101 Definitive Guide To Setting YOUR 2017 Writing Goals.

Patrice Turner is the owner of Book Coach 101 where she hosts workshops and seminars that help authors write, sell, and publish more books! Check out her Book Coach 101 Definitive Guides for help writing, organizing and marketing books. For more information please visit http://www.bookcoach101.com.

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