5 Easy Ways To Get Book Reveiws Without Paying For Them

1.   Giving away free copies of your book is one of the best ways to get book reviews. Try FaceBook and Twitter for this strategy. If your book is geared toward a professional industry, you can also use this tactic on LinkedIn.

2.   Head on over to Goodreads and ask for reviews there. The good folks on Goodreads are avid readers and love reviewing books.

3.   Just ask. If you’re speaking on the topic of your book – and you should be – ask at the end of each presentation for at least one volunteer to read and review your book.

4.   Use the end of your final chapter to solicit book reviews. This is also a good place to create interest in any upcoming books you have in the works.

5.   Your book is available for purchase on Amazon, right? Ask right on the book page for reviews. People usually respond well to these requests, and since they’re already on the book’s page, they’re more likely to take a few minutes and rate your book.

Book reviews are a vital component to marketing your book. They’re an invaluable and persuasive means of creating a buzz around your book. What strategies have you used for snagging book reviews? Share them in the comments session so we can all learn from them.

Happy Writing!!

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