5 Unusual Ways To Grab Your Reader’s Attention

1.   Host A Scavenger Hunt On Your Website
You can have visitors look for random letters of a differing color than the rest of the text. When they find them all, they have to decipher what they spell. Anyone who has the correct answer can be entered to win a free advance copy of your book, a small gift card or a t-shirt.

2.   Find Ten Authors And Trade Reviews With Them
Not just any ten authors, find ten who are in relatable genres to yours and offer a read and review swap. Think along the lines of books you enjoyed and learned from – perhaps some of the books you used in your research.

3.   Stuff Conference & Event Bags
Make a list of all conferences and conventions related to your genre and those of your strategic partner. These events usually welcome items to fill their conference bags. Once you’ve compiled your list, check out their websites for information on contributing. A quick email to the planner or organizer can yield the exact information you need as well.

4.   Send Out A Survey To Potential Readers
Surveying your readers is just good business. You can find out things like who is reading your book and why, what they want to see more of, what accompanying products they might purchase, and any ideas they have for the second edition of your book, a follow-up book or even a workbook or discussion guide.

5.   Create A Book Trailer On YouTube
Shoot a simple two-minute video – no longer – of you reading an excerpt of your book and enticing people to purchase it. Make a storyboard of your book and video that. Or hire someone from Fiverr (www.fiverr.com) to create a video for you. Think along the lines of a movie trailer. Be creative and have fun!

Happy Writing!!

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