6 Things To Add To Your Writing & Publishing Calendar

I frequently remind my young adult sons that buying a car is a one-time activity. From maintenance to fuel to insurance to tires, you never really finish paying for a car. Similarly, writing and publishing a book is only the beginning of your journey.

1.Set Achievable Goals
Like most tasks, breaking your writing down into bite-sized chunks can make it easier to start and easier to finish.

2.   Create A Book Completion Deadline
The best way to set a book completion deadline is to create a completion calendar. Start by creating a timeline for completing each chapter and then each section (i.e.: forward, back matter, etc).

3.   Compile A Research Checklist
Trust me when I tell you EVERY non-fiction book requires research. If you make a research checklist and get your research done ahead of time, it’ll make the writing of your book flow more smoothly. It’s much faster and easier than stopping to research each item along the way.

4.   Schedule A Photo Shoot
You need a professional headshot for your book and to help build your brand. The key word here is professional – selfies and amateur shots won’t suffice.

5.   Create A Marketing Checklist
Check out what other authors in your genre are doing to sell their books. Google to see which social media channels are currently the most popular. Google to see where your ideal readers spend time and money, and what their other interest are. This knowledge will help you create an effective marketing checklist.

6.   Create A Review Plan
Reviews help sell books. Period. How will you garner reviews for your book? Create a plan for how you’ll grab reviews BEFORE and AFTER your book is published. Start with friends and family and go from there.

Taking the time to do these things now will save tons of time in the future. Your writing will flow more smoothly when you have everything you need close at hand.

Happy Writing!!

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