5 People You’ll Meet At I Am A Writer Showcase

The Book Coach 101 Showcase is coming soon!! Two of the best features of the Showcase are the Table Topics and the featured authors.

Dr. Janice Hooker-Fortman
Author of The Secrets To How Not To Throw Mama From The Train, Jan has lots of good insights on how to turn a personal experience into a great book. She’s hosted book signings and workshops on her book topic and has helped many women navigate the challenging relationships between adult daughters and their aging mothers.

Evan Roberts
Author of How To Become Influential and Highly Successful (a young adult success manual) and Kahari Discovers (an African-American children’s book), Evan is also an independent publisher. He has over ten years of experience to back his authenticity and passion.

Myeisha Grady
The founder and CEO of Forum Fusion, Myeisha has created a unique co-working space in the South Suburbs. Business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs will love her fully equipped flexible space and her philosophy of creating a place where businesses work together via innovative sharing!

Pastor Peter Mardenborough
A pastor for over twenty years, Peter has the life, ministry and real world experience that shows in his debut book. Preaching On Empty is a timely, relevant book every pastor, preacher and leader should read. Stop by his table to learn the ins and outs of writing from your life experience and teaching others to give their best – even when they don’t always feel their best.

Donna Smith Bellinger
Authors and business owners who work with Donna learn how to increase sales, gain new prospects and create client solutions. Author, Speaker, Strategist and Radio Personality, Donna is the perfect person to show authors how to create a speaking platform and turn their book into a major revenue stream.

Ready to meet these and other writing industry influencers? Join us Thursday for this AMAZING Showcase. Find complete I Am An Author Showcase info here!

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