5 Simple Ways To Market Your Nonfiction Book

Marketing a book can be as challenging – if not more challenging – than writing one. Here are five marketing tips to help you get started selling or create new sales outlets.

  1. Build An Email List
    I use Mad Mimi, but there are plenty of other newsletter service providers out there. Find the one that works best for you, start with their free option, and be sure to include share buttons so your subscribers can help you nab more subscribers.
  2. Build A Social Media Following
    Social media in a free, easy way to get the word out about your book. Share resources and advice more than you sell by following the 70/30 rule, like, follow and track heavy hitters so their followers will see your posts, and use a scheduling platform to automate your posts. We use Hootsuite, but hunt around for the one that works best for you.
  3. Build A Workshop Around Your Book Title
    Workshops are a great way to engage with your ideal reader. Build a workshop around your book topic, invite other authors and speakers to make presentations, and have a stock of books on hand to sign and sell.
  4. Build A Blog
    Blogging is one of the best things an indie author can do. Share resources, invite influential guest bloggers to post and guest blog on other sites to draw readers back to yours.
  5. Build An Amazon Author Page

Amazon is a marketing power house. Head on over to Author Central, build a complete page and share it on social media.

Are you using any of these strategies to sell books? Tell us what else you’re doing in the comments section below. You may have just the marketing technique someone needs!


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