5 Blog Topics For Writers

Blogging is a great, low cost way to engage witlow-costarget reader. What kinds of blogs should you write? Start with these five and then scour Google for more ideas.

  1. Genre Related Musings. These are a natural. Your readers will love hearing about the events and happenings in their known areas of interest. Think about it – aren’t those the kinds of blogs you look for?
  2. Tips and Lists. Readers of every genre LOVE these types of blog posts. Offering easy-to-read articles that can be skimmed or digested quickly, these are popular posts that readers tend to flock to.
  3. Behind The Scenes Glimpses. Give your readers a look into your writing process. They’ll gain inspiration and may even learn ways to jumpstart their own writing. In addition, they’ll get to know the writer behind the work and that’s sure to increase engagement.
  4. Host A Giveaway or Contest. People will always love t-shirts. It’s an inexpensive giveaway that offers free advertising for you. Also give away free copies of your book. Traditional holidays are a good time to host a contest. Check out Google for unusual holidays like National Punctuation Day and Trivia Day.
  5. Create A Survey. In 2016, Book Coach 101 opened three new Chapters. I used a survey to find out what the Chapter members wanted – topics, speakers, meeting days – with great success. Survey Monkey is a great way to do this.

What other blog ideas do you have or are you considering? Share them in the comments. You might inspire me!

2 thoughts on “5 Blog Topics For Writers

  1. What about topics that deal with money. Like; unnecessary products you spend your money on. You never who could rate to you. You might be spending your money on the same things as someone else. I love survey monkey. I never thought about using that on a blog. Great post. Keeo it up. 😊


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