What The Book Coach 101 Authors Are Up To And Why You Should Join Them

Are you looking for a group of like-minded folks? Is writing solitary and lonely? Check out the Book Coach 101 local Chapters and see how our authors are benefiting from them.

  1. They’re gaining valuable writing critiques from people in the know. It can be difficult to separate yourself from your writing. The authors in our Chapters have the thrill of sharing their work before it’s published and gaining input that improves their final product.
  2. They’re writing more books. In 2016 our authors started, finished and published books. Period. Some even published more than one tome. Accountability and encouragement go hand-in-hand in our Chapters.
  3. They’re helping fellow authors and aspiring authors get their books out of their head and into print. There’s a thrill in seeing fellow writers accomplish their goals. Book Coach 101 authors love encouraging each other.
  4. They’re selling more books. We support each other at Book Coach 101. Our local Chapter members share resources, sales, and marketing tips and strategies. We show up at each other’s events and buy books from each other.

Our Chapters are intimate and casual. They’re a safe place to learn and a great way to enjoy our shared passion and profession.

Interested in opening a Chapter near you? Drop me and email at mybook@bookcoach101.com and we can make that happen!

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