Why The Book Coach 101 Definitive Guides Should Be In Every Authors Arsenal

Writing is one of the greatest professions in life. I’m obviously biased, but I cannot imagine a greater way to impact the world. It can be challenging as well. That’s why I look for tools that help improve writing, increase output and boost income.

To that end, I created The Book Coach 101 Definitive Guides. My goal in creating them is to help impact your writing in a positive way and help you learn from my trails and errors.

There are fifteen guides altogether. I think every one of them is fantastic, of course, but here are my top three.

The Book Coach 101 Definitive Guide To Crafting An Awesome Amazon Author Page
If you’re selling books on Amazon – and you should be – you’ll definitely want to set up an Amazon Author Page. Amazon is the leading place to search for and buy books online.

The four simple steps in this guide will help ensure your Amazon Author profile is professional, your author brand awareness is increased, and your Amazon Author page is optimized to sell more books.

The Book Coach 101 Definitive Guide To Writing An Author Business Plan
As an author, you should create a written business plan – a strategic map of the future of your book. A solid business plan for your book is worth its weight in gold. The publishing industry is becoming increasingly competitive. A plan of action with clearly defined steps and goals goes a long way toward monetizing your work.

Don’t think in terms of a 50-page document. Think of a simple one to five-page creation that will keep your writing and marketing focused and on track. It will tell you what you plan to do and how and when.

The Book Coach 101 Definitive Guide To A Successful Author Blog
Why start an author blog? Starting a blog is a great way to hone your craft. It forces you to write on a regular basis. Starting a blog to keep fans up-to-date on current books, upcoming books, author events, and other info. Blogging is a low-cost, expedient method for authors to market their brand and promote books. This guide will explore what it takes to start a successful author blog.

You’ll find your target reader on blogs specific to your genre or industry. These are the places you should be interacting online via guest blogging and commenting. Make sure to guest blog from a social media profile to increase your exposure. Find out what blogs your readers are visiting and spend your time and marketing dollars there. How do you find out what blogs they frequent? Online research is the simplest method.

Check out the guides on my website below and let me know your thoughts. Is there a writing guide you’d like, but don’t see? Tell me in the comments section and I’ll get right to work on it!

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