3 Reasons Writers Should Leverage The Power of Google Alerts

I discovered Google Alerts a few years ago, and use them in my business endeavors. I recently started using them to elevate my writing and reach my target reader. Here’s a few tips on how you can use them to do the same.

  1. Keep track of your book titles. Track every mention of your book online with a Google Alert. You’ll be able to thank reviewers and others who mention your book. You may also want to write a blog post for your own blog and link back to any major media mentions.
  2. Track the activities of other authors and influencers in your genre. Alerts are a great way to keep track of these people and to share their @mentions and #hashtags. Mentions and hashtags mean all their followers will see your social media posts and might just follow you.
  3. Stay on top of genre and topic research. What topics and trends can you create Alerts for? Try to make them local, too. For instance, I use Chicagoland in most of my Google Alerts because that’s where my local Chapters are. Pair your location with relevant keywords and you’ll have plenty of research material coming to you rather than you chasing after it.

Google Alerts are simple to use. They’re a content and notification detection service that sends you an email when a new result matches your request. Head on over to the world’s biggest search engine and set up the Alerts you need.



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