5 Cool Blogs Nonfiction Authors Should Follow

I love blogs. They’re a quick read and are usually full of great ideas. Here’s a list of some of my favorite nonfiction blogs.

  1. Robert Lucas
    He has tons of great information on his site from writing processes to encouragement to writing strategies, and cool resources.
  1. Nonfiction Authors Association
    They have lots of great info and offer opportunities to guest blog. Be sure to check out their blog posts on marketing and their interviews with fellow authors.
  2. The Creative Penn
    Looking for info on writing, publishing and marketing nonfiction? The Creative Penn has evergreen posts that will help boost your writing and find your ideal reader.
  3. Beyond Your Blog
    Although it’s not specifically geared to nonfiction authors, Beyond Your Blog offer tips and techniques for blogging, and reaching your target market outside your blog.
  4. Book Marketing Tools
    Authors or every genre want to sell more books. Book Marketing Tools has ideas that help you set goals, increase productivity, even create audio books.

What blogs do you love? Leave them in the comments section and let the rest of us share in them with you.

Do you write your own blog? Be sure to leave that one in the comments below, too!


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