3 Ways Writers Can Use Canva

Canva is one of those free online resources that seems like an unbelievable gift. It’s an online graphic design suite that lets you create logos, social media images, memes – just about anything visual you need. It’s especially useful for writers. Here’s why:

  1. Book Covers and Illustrations
    Canva is a great way to create a colorful, attention-grabbing cover for your book. You’ll love the free tools and images you can stack and overlap to make cool, compelling cover art. If your book contains graphics, illustrations and charts, you can do it all in Canva.
  2. Social Media Profile Images

One of the smartest ways to use social media to gain readership is to create a cohesiveness across all your social media channels. The key to doing this in Canva is to create a look you love and then click that Magic Resize button. It’s a paid feature, but it will save you a ton of time by transforming your chosen brand image to every conceivable size you need.

  1. Promo Materials and Sales Aids

This is particularly useful for Kindle authors. You can create a pseudo cover with your purchasing URL to distribute and increase sales. Print and Kindle published authors can create flyers, bookmarks, promo pieces, business cards, and other sales tools to help grow awareness of their brand.

Give Canva a try. The free version can handle many of your needs and the paid version is worth every penny. See what you can create, then come back and tell us how you’ve used it. You might inspire a fellow writer.

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