Two Kinds of Goals Every Writer Should Set

Two Kinds of Goals Every Writer Should Set
Setting goals is a proven way to supercharge your writing. Breaking it down into manageable chunks makes writing easier because you get the thrill of experiencing a sense of accomplishment over and over instead of only experiencing it once when your project is completed. Check out these different types of goals you can set to keep your writing juices flowing.

Word Count
Setting a daily word count goal is a great way to start. Here’s a simple formula for determining your daily word count. Let’s say your book is 100 pages. The average page is 250-400 words. For this example, we’ll go with 350. So…350 words X 100 pages is a total of 35,000 words.

How long do you want to spend on your book? If your goal is to complete your book in a month (totally doable, by the way), then your daily word count would be 1,167 words per day. That’s just under three pages per day. I’d set my goal at 1,500 words per day. That allows for days when writer’s block is plaguing you or life, with all its demands, gets in the way.

Chapter Completion
Let’s say your 100-page book has seven chapters. That means each chapter has an average page count of fourteen. Try setting a goal of a chapter a week. It’s an easy to meet daily word count and gets your book finished in seven weeks. You might even find yourself moving at a faster pace once that first chapter is done!

Here’s one of my favorite tips for writers: you don’t necessarily have to write the chapters in the order they’re listed in the Table of Contents. Try writing whichever chapter is easiest first. Writing that chapter just might whet your appetite for more writing. Conversely, you might also try writing the most difficult chapter first. Getting that one out of the way will let you take a deep breath and plunge into the remaining chapters.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me in the comments section which writing goal you’ll use to get started or to get back into the swing of things. Ready. Set. Write!

Patrice Turner is the owner of Book Coach 101 where she hosts workshops and seminars that help authors write, sell, and publish more books! Check out her Book Coach 101 Definitive Guides for help writing, organizing and marketing books. For more information please visit: or follow her writer’s blog here.


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